Trip To Samudri Tapu Glacier from Chandra Taal Lake

Samudri Taapu Trek from Chandrataal Lake

Samudri Taapu Trek from Chandrataal Lake

Chandra river which flows through Lahaul Spiti region originates from Samudri Taapu near Chandrataal Lake. Even in a place like Spiti, it is among the harder places to reach. It is mostly frequented by local Gaddi shepherds who go there with their livestock in summer season. There are two routes to reach Samudri Taau from Chandrataal Lake. One involves trekking along a long circuitous route which passes through origin of one of the streams which becomes Chandra river downstream. Trekkers have to walk over and places climb over numerous ridges spread over a number of mountains. For other trekking route, you have to climb down to the river bed and cross it river via ropeway. The person has to hang on by a rope to cross the ropeway. Although a bit strange, this way is shorter and reduces travel time by about 4 hours

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