Chindi  (Height : 1850 m.) Hillsides covered with thick forests, acres filled with apple orchards, small picturesque hamlets and remarkable views in all directions combine to make Chindi and the area around it, one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. This pocket is still off the beaten track and yet, has good facilities in terms of roads, small markets […]


The earliest history of Mandi goes back to formation of  Suket in 765 AD. Rewalsar is mentioned in the Skanda Purana as a sacred place of pilgrimage and Karnpur is supposed to have been founded by Karan, a hero of Hindu epic Mahabharat. Pandavs supposedly sheltered themselves in a Gumma after the Laksh Greh burnt down. According to Tibetan […]

Renuka Ji

Renuka Ji  Height : 660 m. In the low rolls of the Shiwalik hills lies the lake of Renuka Ji. It is fed by underwater springs and has a circumference of 2.5 kms. Shaped somewhat like the profile of a reclining woman, this is regarded as the embodiment of the goddess Renuka. Near the lake’s feet is another large pool held […]



Rajgarh  Height 2170 m Rajgarh is popularly known as the Peach Valley of Himachal and some of India’s finest stone fruit (peaches, plums and apricots) come from this area. With considerable natural beauty, this is also the base for several trek routes – including one that leads to the peak of Chur Dhar (ChurChandni). GETTING THERE: By Rail : […]



Sirmaur is south-eastern district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is mostly mountainous and 90% rural. It’s administrative capital is Nahan. One of the more remarkable places in Sirmaur is Shivalik Fossil Park at Suketi, where fossils over 85 million years old have been found. Agriculture with fruit farming is the main occupation with potatoes, garlic, ginger, tomato, […]


Barog  Height 1680 m. On the Kalka-Shimla highway, Barog has grown from a mere stopover to a full-fledged destination. Surrounded by pine and oak forests, Barog has a commanding setting. The Choor Chandni-which poetically translates as the ‘mountain of the silver bangle‘ is clearly visible from Barog-and when moonlight washes down its snow covered slopes, it seems as though thousands of […]


Kasauli  Kasauli is built along the first major row of hills that lie above the Gangetic plains. This charming and well-maintained ‘hill station‘ retains a substantial measure of its built and natural heritage. Kasauli traces its origin to the close of the ‘Gurkha Wars‘ in 1815 and at various points of time, British, Gurkha, Sikh and Dogra regiments […]


 Solan  Solan district was carved out of Solan and Arki tehsils of the then Mahasu district and tehsils of Kandaghat and Nalagarh of the then Shimla District in 1972 . This district is divided into four Sub-division viz. Solan comprising of Solan and Kasauli tehsils, Nalagarh covers the jurisdiction of Arki and Kandaghat Sub-divisions covers […]

View of mountains from Mcleodganj

Dharmsala and Mcleodganj

Dharmsala and Mcleodganj  Height : From 1300 m to 1770 m Under British lndia, the district of Kangra was one of the largest in the country and soon after the end of the Anglo-Sikh Wars, in 1852, Dharamsala became its headquarters. Kangra is considerably smaller now, but is still packed with immense natural beauty, several travel destinations, places […]


Kalpa Height : 2960 m. Once called Chini, the village came into prominence when it was visited byt he British Governor-General, Lord Dalhousie (1848-56AD). Dalhousie was also responsible forthe creation of the original Hindustan Tibet Road. Within the village visit the Narayan-Nagini temple which is a remarkable example of local craftsmanship and the‘Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar monastery said to have been founded by the Great […]