Himachal Pradesh Tourism Policy 2005

This is a document released in 2005 by Himachal Pradesh government outlining the state’s tourism policy. If you want original document, use this PDF Link 

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Policy-2005

Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation TOURISM POLICY 2005
Government of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-9
Mission Statement
Himachal Tourism — A SWOT analysis
o Tourism Sub Plan
0 Infrastructure Development
o New marketing strategy
o Improving connectivity
o Tourism Development Board
o Private Sector investment
o Effective regulation
6. Thrust areas :
o Rural Tourism
o Pilgrim Tourism
o Eco Tourism
o Adventure Tourism
o Lesser known destinations
0 Health Tourism

Annexure (Action Plan)
1 . Introduction
1.1 Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The
number of tourists worldwide has been registering phenomenal growth
and it is expected that this number would shortly touch 1.5 billion.
Tourism contributes about 11% of the world workforce and 10.2% of
the global gross domestic product. The dynamic growth of this industry
is evident from the fact a new job is added to the sector every 2.5

1.2 This pattern and dynamic character of the Sector necessitates the
policy to adapt to the changing environment. Policies are products of
time and circumstances, available resources and technologies and most
importantly, the needs of the stakeholders.
1.3 This Policy document aims to provide clear direction for the
development of tourism in the State. Himachal Pradesh is already a
well-established and recognized tourist destination. It seeks to harness
the fullest potential of the State for Development of tourism, which in
turn can be a prime engine for economic growth and prosperity of the
State, besides effectively addressing the problems of unemployment and
poverty. This document is a result of wide range of consultations within
and outside the Government, including the industry, tourism unit
operators and other stakeholders. Besides outlining the policy, the
document also lists out the strategy for implementation, as also specific
action plans to implement the policy.
1.4 Nature has bestowed Himachal Pradesh with unique beauty and
splendour with its lush green valleys, snow covered Himalayan ranges, a
serene, peaceful, hospitable and comfortable environment ,smi1ing people
and a rich cultural heritage – which tourists would be hard put to find
1.5 Being in the lap or Himalayas this fact becomes its natural and unique
USP with global appeal. The outer fringe of Himachal is formed by the
Shiwalik hills, which are characterised by shallow valleys and dense scrub
forests. The mid ranges have the majestic Himalayan cedar and the spruces –
followed by alpine meadows that intersperse themselves with the snow clad
peaks of the Greater Himalaya.
1.6 Tourism, as we understand it today, in Himachal Pradesh, received
recognition only in the 19th century, when the British established their chain

of hill stations. Earlier, Himachal had been a destination for pilgrims only. A
fillip to tourism was administered when British declared Shimla as summer
capital of India in 1864. Post independence and up -gradation as fledged
State in the year 1971 led to more investment in the infrastructure sector
leading to opening up of the state. However the biggest explosion in tourism
occurred in the mid 80s and 90s with the Kashmir problem when the number
of hotels and hotel rooms increased within this period from 350 to present
1710 and 6300 to 36000 respectively with its concomitant chaos and
haphazard growth which the State would have done well without. With the
wisdom of hind sight the State is now more equipped to deal with the
problems of yesteryears and this document attempts to address those very
1.7 During the year 2004, the tourist arrivals in the state were 6.5 million
which is roughly equivalent to the population of the State.( 2.04 lacs were
foreigners).In terms of numbers therefore the State has done more than
expected. The challenge now is to attract quality tourists and increase the
stay of the tourists in the State .We also need to think globally as even the
domestic tourists today have a choice unlike in the past. By focussing on
quality tourist the State Government also aims at promoting sustainable
tourism and encouraging the private sector to develop tourism related
infrastructure in the State — without disturbing the existing ecology and
1.8 In order to increase the duration of the stay of the visitors/tourists, a
special emphasis is being placed on the development of activity-based
tourism and opening up new sub destinations. To promote tourism in the
countryside and to lesser-known areas, appropriate infrastructure will be
developed within available resources. Himachal was earlier known only for
the summer season. Efforts are being made to break the seasonality factor
and tourism products have been diversified to attract the tourists in other
seasons too. Now Himachal is known as “A Destination for All Seasons and
All Reasons.”
l.9 Tourism contributes nearly 8% of the State Domestic Product which is
roughly the same as horticulture sector. With careful planning and
infrastructural development, the Policy proposes to increase it to 15% by the
year 2020.The position with respect to some of the other economies is as
2. Policy Objectives
(1) To establish Himachal Pradesh as a leading tourist destination
in the country and abroad;
(2) To make tourism a prime engine for economic development and
prosperity of the State and as a major means for providing
(3) To encourage a strong and sustainable private sector
participation in creation of tourism infrastructure especially
through public private partnerships;
(4) To promote sustainable tourism, which is not only
environmentally compatible but also leads to economic
betterment of the rural people;
(5) To attract quality tourist and to increase their stay in the State;
(6) To safeguard the State’s natural and manmade heritage ;
(7) To encourage civil societies & non-governmental organizations
for promotion & the conducting of tourism related activities;
(8) To position Himachal Pradesh as a one stop destination for
adventure tourism;
3. Himachal Tourism – A SWOT
3.1 An analvsis of Strengths. Weaknesses. Ogportunities
and Threats {SWOT}:
l. One of the rare places in the world offering five distinct
seasons, thus having potential to attract tourist inflow round
the year;
2. Political and Social stability;
3. Recognized as a peaceful and hospitable State;
4. Salubrious climate;
5. Pollution free environment;
6. Offers a rare conglomerate of eco-tourism, pilgrimage,
adventure, culture, heritage, leisure, wilderness etc.;

7. Fairly good infrastructure;
8. High literacy;
9. Rich history and heritage that has something to offer to all.
Its Buddhist monasteries, which are of thousand years of
old, ancient temples, churches and cemeteries;
l0. Special package of incentives for setting up of tourism units
ll. Strong political will to promote tourism;
l. Negligible air and rail link in the State;
2. Inadequate flow of foreign tourists;
3. Non-disbursal of tourists round the year, putting severe strains on
civic infrastructure during the peak season;
4. Lack of trained tourist guides at important tourist places and
historical tourist sites;
5. Saturation at the established tourists destinations;
6. No new major tourists destination has come up recently;
7. Lack of adequate parking places at important tourist places;
8. Poor marketing of the State abroad and inadequate marketing
within the country;
9. Very little budget;
10. Problem of land acquisition;
1 1. Problem of conversion of forest land;


Strong potential for activity based tourism such as white water
rafting, Para-gliding, trekking, mountaineering, water sports,
mountain biking, Car Rallies etc.;
A strong base for heritage tourism to attract persons from all walks
of society and religious beliefs;
To develop an ideal destination for nature lovers by promoting
Create synergy between heritage and pilgrimage tourism;
Development of wetlands of the State to attract nature lovers
especially bird watchers;
Promote the State as an open university and leaming centre in
mythology, anthropology and ornithology etc.;
Position it as an ideal destination for the film industry;
Himachal has something to offer to persons of all ages, groups,
beliefs and interests. There is unlimited scope for development of
varied tourist packages;
Himachal can become one of the leading adventure destinations in
the world;
Promote Wilderness tourism for lovers and seekers of nature, peace
and quiet.
Create new destinations in yet unexplored but beautiful areas. This
would also ease the burden on established tourist destinations.

. Tremendous strain leading to collapse, at times, of civic amenities
at leading tourist destinations during the season;
. Haphazard growth & construction threatening the environment,
especially at the leading tourist destinations;
. An alarming growth of concrete structures creating a disharmony
with the local environment;
. Unscrupulous commercialization of tourism could erode the social
and cultural values;
. Aggressive competition amongst the leading tourists States and a
strong promotion of tourism by other States;
. Lack of coordinated strategy by the different Government
. A large increase in volume and limited increase in value;
. Poor garbage/ waste disposal posing threat to the environment.
5.1.1 Tourism Sub Plan: There is no denying the fact that the total
budget with the Department of Tourism is less in comparison to the
other tourism-oriented States in the country. Tourism is one industry,
which is linked with all development departments. Under their normal
programmes, they are required to meet the infrastructure demands for
promotion of tourism. What is needed to mechanise and accelerate the
activities of the tourism department is to integrate and coordinate with
the departments like PWD, Urban Development, I&PH, Health,
Horticulture, Forest, Power etc, If properly coordinated, this is likely to

yield good results and the deficiency of budget can be surmounted. The
government would take steps to manage the funds in such a way that
the tourism related departments will be asked to pool their resources
with regard to such schemes which will be monitored at the level of
Chief Minister through the Tourism Department Board.
5.1. 2. In addition to the above the TSP will include the budget of the
Tourism Development Board/Department as Well as the private
investment likely to flow in through public private.
5.2.1 Infrastructure development Demand driven tourism
Infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh has come up in some of the
major tourist destinations like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie,
Mcleodganj, Kasauli and Chail. With rapid increasing tourist
influx and expending hotel accommodation in these areas, the civic
infrastructures are under serious strain. The State Government
therefore proposes to upgrade the civic infrastructure in the above
towns on priority. The funds raised by the Tourism
Department/TDB through GOI under their various schemes will
also be used to strengthen this area. Private investment in
infrastructure will be Welcomed with open arms. Priority areas will
include setting up of hill stations, spas and resorts , ski slopes,
airports, tourist centres, multiplexes, parking areas, entertainment
centres, amusement parks ,ropeway , golf course, 4/5 Star Hotels,
standardized budget accommodation etc.
5.2.2. In service like tourism, availability of skilled work force is
essential for delivery of professional services of the highest order.
The Government will invest in human resource development so that
the managerial and technical skill is made available with the State.
Presently the State has one Food Craft Institute cum Hotel
Management Institute at Kufri. The Department will endeavor to
open FCI’s one in Kangra District and another in Kullu.

5.3.1 New Marketing Strategy. In order to bring the State on to the
international tourist map and to increase the inflow of the tourists the
following actions will be taken up for strengthening the marketing
strategy of the State:
i. Creation of ‘Destination Himachal Funds’ which will be a joint
effort of Tourism Development Board, the major Temple Trusts
and the private sector.
ii. Printing of new brochures, posters and other tourist literature.
m Developing 10 minutes, 20 minutes tourism films in order to
telecast in the electronic channels and also display during the
tourism fairsl marts.
IV. Up-gradation of Information Centres. These centers will
not only provide information but also provide booking
facilities for HPTDC & Private Hotels for reservation of
accommodation/ transportation, cloakroom etc.
v. Installation of touch screen kiosks with full information about
the State at important international airports/national airports and
railway stations of the country.
vi Participation in leading national and international tourism fairs.
In this the private sector will also be involved so put up a
unified ‘Destination Himachal’ campaign’.
v11. Organization of tourism events in the State particularly during
the off season in order to attract the large number of tourists.
vm Providing information about the state through modern means
like website, e-mail, around the clock toll free tourist
assistance, and helpline etc.
ix. Release of advertisements in the electronic and print media.

x Organize familiarization tours of the leading tour operators of
the country and overseas in the State.
xi. Conduct of buyer- seller meets.
x11 Professional guides to be trained and encouraged .
xm. Signage’s of the international class will be installed on
the national, state and at the important tourist
highways and stations.
5.3.2: Himachal, because of its natural scenic beauty attracts
several film makers for shooting of films, TV serials etc. Presently
they have to seek permission for shooting from various
departments. The government proposes to declare Commissioner-
cum-Director Tourism as the sole authority for granting all type of
permissions related to film shootings and the fee thus be collected
by the Tourism department could be further remitted to the
concerned department. In addition to this the department will
invite investment from private parties for setting up of the film
cities, studios and hiring of filming equipment etc. for which govt.
land could be provided on ppp basis. Pro active action would also
be taken to attract film shooting parties to Himachal.
5 4 1. Improving connectivity: Connectivity whether by road, rail of
air IS of essence if tourism has to grow.
5.4.2. Presently the State has three existing airports at Jubbar Hatti,
Bhuntar and at Gaggal. These airports are being upgraded for landing of
a larger capacity aircrafts. The airport at Pathankot is also being opened
for the use of civilians where Boeing will land. This will give a big
boost to tourism to the State especially to Kangra and Chamba regions.
The Government has also taken up the matter regarding setting up of an
International airport near Sundernagar.

5.4.3. Operating more affordable flights into Himachal would not only
promote travel tourism but also make viability for the aviation
companies to start heli-taxies services in the State. Helicopter taxi
services would extend the reach of higher end tourists to soak in the
delights of culturally and geographically rich hinterland of Himachal.
The State has 55 helipads available for the services.
The State Govemment is also making efforts for the
introduction of more special trains from various destinations in the
country upto Kalka and Pathankot.
The network of national and state highways is also being
strengthened for all tourist destinations. The state govemment shall also
seek to provide safe, economical and reliable transport within the state
as well as across state boarders. The government shall also evolve a
mechanism to simplify the collection of taxes and levies so as to
facilitate the unhindered movement of tourist in the state.
5.5.1 Strengthening of Tourism Development Board: The State
Government has set up a Tourism Development Board under the
chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister to formulate policy guidelines
for development and promotion of Tourism Industry in the State and to
advise the State Government on matters regarding regulation and
licensing in the Tourism Industry. Efforts will be made to increase the
resources of the Board so that the Board can carry out various
developmental and other tourism promotional activities. The income of
the Board will be built up through the user changes levied being level

by Tourism Deptt., income from PPP projects, lease money, income
from Tourism Councils etc. The Board will generally undertake
improvements in the tourist areas, provide assistance to the Department
of Tourism and to the Tourism Development Councils.
5.6.2 The Manali model of collection of green fee from tourists will
be replicated in other major tourism destinations. The funds so clleected
will be scrutinized for 10/ l5 years and sizeable Tourism Master Plans
created and implemented in time bound manner.
5.6.1 Private sector investment: In order to attract investors, it is
necessary to simplify the procedures to facilitate genuine investors. The
projects where forest/revenue clearances are needed will be dealt on
priority Within a specified time not exceeding 90.
5.6.2. In order to promote rural tourism and to give incentive to the
entrepreneurs, luxury tax Will be exempted for units up to five rooms. In
addition to this, the electricity and water charges will also be reduced to
give fillip to investment in tourism projects in rural areas. This
incentive will be provided to the promoters for a period of 10 years
from the date of their commercial operation. The Government will
consider assigning the task of Luxury tax collection on the pattern of
collection to the Tourism Department of State Road Tax (SRT) in
Transport Department. The funds so collected by the department shall
form part of the resources of the Board.

5.6.3. Single window clearances for tourism projects on the pattern of
the single system .Industries Department has been made applicable.
The suitable Government land either through land bank or otherwise
available in the State will be transferred to the Tourism Department,
which will be further leased out to the private entrepreneurs strictly on
the oen competitive bidding basis.
5.7.1 Effective regulation: The State Government has passed the H.P.
Registration Tourist Trade Act. 2002. It calls for inspection and
checking of the hotels, travel agencies against over charging sub
standard service etc. The Government proposes to carry out the
inspection work by delegating necessary powers and also by involving
the Hotel Associations.
5.7.2. The Tourist Police in the State will be strengthened concept of by
placing a cadre of 500 police and home guards personnel who will be
trained for regulating tourism related activities. They will be provided
with special uniforms/distinguishing mark and will assist the tourist.
5.7.3. The Tourist Information Centres will be manned apart from the
Deptt./TDB staff by the students of Hotel Management Institute and
MTA( University).
5.7.4. The State government will take steps to ensure proper
hygienic conditions and to prevent the exploitation of tourists on
national and state highways and at tourist places. The Government
proposes to classify the dhabbas situated on the National and State
highways. The classification will be done on the basis of facilities

provided, hygienic condition, quality of the food, availability of
toilets, parkings etc. The government will encourage ethnic
Himachal cuisine in these dhabbas.
5.7.5. Similarly all the Tourism Units in the State will be classified
as per facilities provided so that the tourists get their value for
money. The Hotel Associations will be actively involved.
5.7.6. To promote excellence in tourism, the government Will
institute monetary and non-monetary awards for institutions and
individuals for their outstanding contribution in various sectors of
tourism like; accommodation, catering, transport, travel agency,
eco-friendliness, cleanliness etc. This scheme will be administered
by a State level committee consisting of experts, representatives of
the tourist trade and government officers.
6.Thrust areas
In order to achieve the policy objectives indicated above the Department /
Board has identified thrust areas for action and follow up some of which are
as follows:-
6.1 Rural Tourism
6.1.1 The fruits of tourism must percolate down to the rural areas in order
that it is truly sustainable and responsible. For this the Deptt / Board
proposes that
o Rural Tourism villages are identified and notified by the Deptt. The
precondition for declaring these as RT villages would be that they
must predominantly have traditional architecture and an MOU would

be signed with the Panchayat that this would be maintained .The
villagers may modify their houses internally but they must maintain
their traditional outer facade.
For the sake of easier marketing these villages must be near to the
existing tourist centre which Will also ensure dispersal of tourist to the
rural areas and promote decongestion.
These would be dovetailed with the Govt of India Ministry of Tourism
Scheme under which funding is available up to Rs 5 lacs .This would
be used to create infrastructure like roads , streets, drainage, lighting,
parking ,bus stand, water supply ,sanitation , tourist reception centre ,
rural museum, open air theatre , parks , nature trails ,crafts bazaar etc .
This could also be funded from the Deptt / Board funds.
In such notified villages there would be no luxury tax or commercial
rates for electricity up to 5 bed room home steads.
The existing schemes of the Deptt would be reviewed and efforts
would be made to provide funds for renovating the homesteads and
providing grant /loans to the weaker section of the society .The Deptt
would actively Work with the Deptt of Rural Development and
nationalised banks for tying up in this regard.
The government proposes that in these home steads Himachalil local
food will be served.
Linkage would be sought to promote local handicrafts and cultural
The procedure for registration of village tourism guest houses shall be
simplified and adequate publicity given to the facilities available.
The above scheme would be made applicable mutus mutandi to
Heritage and Orchard tourism.

6.1.2 The State has a number of old palaces, forts, havelies and other
beautiful buildings in rural areas which if properly developed could become
important tourist destinations themselves. The Government shall encourage
the development of such sites for use as tourist accommodation and such
new heritage hotels located in rural areas shall be exempted from the luxury
tax for a period of five years. The Govemment would endeavour to associate
the Archaeological Survey of India and private sector in the development of
such sites.
6.1.4 Shimla evokes memories linked to the Raj, the freedom movement and
in more recent time’s events such as the ‘Simla Agreement’. A monumental
testimony to the times of the Raj are buildings like the Viceregal Lodge ,
which now houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Study , the Gaiety
Theatre and more than a hundred other heritage buildings. Tourism Deptt./
Board will endeavour to preserve these heritage buildings including
churches and graves and promote nostalgia tourism linked to the colonial
and freedom struggle era.
6.1.4 Apple and orchard tourism is also an area of focus as in the Distts of
Shimla , Kinnaur , Kullu and parts of Mandi Distt traditional farm houses
could be converted into home steads wherein the tourists could enjoy the
beauty right from apple blossom to harvesting.
6.1.5 Apple Festival celebrated annually would be continued with active
involvement of the Horticulture Deptt and the Hotel Association.

5.1.6 The Deptt./Board will co-ordinate with the Watershed/livelihood
related projects like Mid-Himalaya Watershed Dev. Project funded by World
Bank so that rural/eco tourism can be furthered in these project areas.
6.2 Eco Tourism
6.2.1 Himachal offers a new era of nature enjoyment and leaming. It also
provides visitors an excellent exposure to the temperate forests. This makes
it an ideal area for developing eco-tourism activities like jungle safaris,
trekking, rock climbing, forest trails, nature walks, angling (esp. golden
mahaseer and brown trout), camping etc.. All these activities are to be
conducted in a manner that promotes awareness of the environment and
helps maintain the ecological balance.
6.2.2 The eco tourism projects being predominantly situated in forest lands
are technically under the Forest Deptt. which has already formulated an
Eco Tourism policy in consultation with the Tourism Deptt. under this Eco-
tourism Societies have been established on CBET (Community Based Eco-
Tourism basis) to cover the Great Himalayan National Park (Kullu),
Himalayan Nature Park (Shimla), Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary (Sirmour) and
Potter’s Hill Van Vihar (Shimla).
6.2.3 The Government will harness the tourism potential of forests in the
state by developing camping sites with basic infrastructure facilities and
other public convenience services. A nominal fee shall also be determined
by the Govemment for the use of camping site for the maintenance and for
the conservation of these forests. The private parties shall be encouraged for

setting up of such camping sites on erwerorment friendly basis. The
Government will endeavour to open forest rest houses for the tourists
through the society. These would be run on community based eco tourism
tenets or through public private partnership with companies with good track
record of working in Eco – tourism.
6.2.4 Wildlife Tourism is an integral part of Eco Tourism . Himachal
Pradesh has a varied topography, climate and forest cover and is endowed
with a vast variety of flora and fauna. At present there are 32 Sanctuaries, 2
National Parks and 3 Game Reserves. The sanctuaries include Simbalwara
(Sirmour), Churdhar, Chail (Solan), Maharana Pratap Sagar (Kangra) Manali
(Kullu), Kanwar (Kullu). Kalatop Khajjiar (Chamba) and Daranghati
(Shimla). The National Parks are Pin Valley National Park, Spiti and the
Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu; the Nature parks are at Kufri
(Shimla). Manali (Kullu) and Gopalpur (Kangra). The Tourism Deptt
proposes to work actively with the Wild life Wing of the Forest Deptt to
further develop and improve wild life parks/zoos, bird watching towers and
other public utility services for the facility of the tourists. A reasonable fee
shall be determined by the Govemment for use of such parks/zoos for its
6.2.5 Development of Lakes and wetlands is also part of eco tourism .The
State Government will make special efforts to make natural and man made
lakes as important tourist destinations. Steps will be taken to maintain and
enhance their beauty by undertaking development in an integrated manner.
Facilities for water sports in Maharana Pratap Sagar, Chamera and Gobind
sagar will be developed to International standard and national and

international level events will also be organised to popularize these
destinations. Maharana Pratap sagar will be developed as a World class Water
sports destination with the financial assistance of the Central Government in
order to develop activities like Water sports, angling, bird watching, setting
up of house boats, development of artificial beaches etc.. The Government
will also encourage the private sector to set up houseboats and operate
shikaras in the Maharana Pratap Sagar. Improvement of the forest rest
houses will also be carried out in the area and will also be made available to
the tourists in order to accommodate them.
6.3 Pilgrimage Tourism
6.3.1 Himachal has emerged as an important pilgrim destination. A large
number of religious tourists visit sacred shrines of Himachal Pradesh
through out the year. A large number of religious places for people of almost
all religions are situated in the State. The State Government propose to
develop wayside/civic amenities, parkings, landscaping and beautification
around the temple, Sulabh Shauchalyas, drinking water, garbage disposal
etc. at these religious places in coordination with the temple trusts on the
lines of Vaishnoo Devi Trust. During important festivals special measures
will be taken up for the safety and security of the tourists like setting up of
information centres, tented colonies to accommodate tourists and to deploy
special Tourist Police Force on the lines of Vaisnoo Devi

6.3.2 As a deliberate policy the Deptt / Board will make efforts to integrate
the important temples of Himachal with Vaishnoo Devi in J&K or the Chaar
Dhaam in Uttaranchal.
6.3.3 The Deptt./ Board will work in coordination with the Deptt of
Language Art and Culture and also the Temple Trusts so that Tourist
information centres are established in all the major temples and run by the
temple trusts.
6.4 Adventure Tourism
6.4.1 The Tourism Deptt./ Board will make comprehensive adventure
tourism promotion plan for the State and shall lay down the regulatory
framework for enforcement of safety standards. For the promotion of
adventure sports, the department/Board will impart training in different
sports to the youths. International competitions in such sports will be
organised for attracting participants not only from the country but also from
the abroad in coordination with the Deptt. of Sports.
6.4.2 The Tourism Deptt / Board will support all efforts to promote and set
up adventure sports schools at various locations in order to train more youths
in Paragliding, Rafting, WaterSports, Angling, Sking, Mountaineering,
Motor Sports etc. in coordination with the WHMI Manali and the State
Level Associations. The Deptt / Board will help the WHMI in setting up
more Sub Centres in the State to take adventure tourism the hitherto
unexplored places. It will assist in training the local youth in adventure

tourism so that they also benefit through employment & other means.
Similarly it will work at tandem with Forest Deptt and the Eco Tourism
Societies to meet the above ends.
6.4.3 The State was the first and continues to be the only State, which has
heli-skiing in the country. This attracts foreigners and quality tourists with
paying capacity to some of the best powder-snows that the world can offer.
The experience in this venture has been very positive despite the initial
apprehensions about possible disturbances to the environment and fauna. It
is proposed to expand the concept of heli-skiing by introducing activities
like heli-trekking and cross-country skiing.
6.4.4 Conventional skiing and setting up of more ski lifts and ski resorts in
the public private partnership will be a major thrust area. The Chanshal
range beyond Rohru which has great potential will specially be explored.
6.4.5 The State started promoting paragliding from 1984 onwards. Himachal
is now the leading States in the country in this field. Bir Billing in Kangra ,
Solang and Marhi in Kullu , Bilaspur , Kasauli etc will continue as
important centres for the sport. More areas will be explored and opened up
with the objective of providing a source of livelihood to the local youth. The
Bir Billing Pre World Cup Event will continue to be an annual event. A
paragliding School will be opened at Dhelu. Bir Billing will be developed
over the years into a top class paragliding destination internationally on self
financing basis with the local community benefiting the most.

6.4.6 The Tourism Deptt in tandem with the WHMI and other adventure
sports operators will encourage mountaineering expeditions intemationally
.Similarly Trekking and adventure sports activities will be undertaken on
large scale through WHMI on sustainable basis especially during the
holiday season for school and collage students.
6.4.7 The Deptt / Board will continue to hold annual events of as many
adventure sports activities as possible through their respective associations —
paragliding, river rafting ,sailing, mountain biking , endurance events ,
marathons , motoring events , vintage car rallies (biannually) etc. The
objective is that eventually all these events must become self sustainable.
6.4.8 One of the major aims in this area will be to get the latest technology
in the field of adventure sports in terms of equipments and know-how. Be it
skiing / ropeway projects, water sports or paragliding. All PPP projects in
this field of adventure tourism will have this as a necessary precondition.
6.5 Promoting Unexplored Himachal
6.5.1 The main tourism circuits in Himachal are fairly well known and even
remote districts like Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur are now becoming popular
destinations to relax and unwind. Himachal also has many undiscovered
spots with unspoiled charm that are worth a visit for a quiet rewarding
holiday spent amidst the splendour of nature away from the crowds. The
State Government will made special efforts to develop unexplored
destinations with the assistance of Central Government, to improve the
sanitation, roads, parkings, toilets, accommodation, beautification and land

scaping of tourist interest places, wayside amenities etc. Efforts will be made
to keep these new areas neat and clean and only limited construction will be
allowed, so that these areas may not become over saturated and the
construction so allowed will preserve the architecture and ecology of the
Some of these areas include:
o Lahoul
o Spiti
o Kinnaur
o Jhanjheli
o Jot Chamba
o Raj garh and Choor
o Nahan
o Chindi
o Barot/Jatingari
o Rohru Chansal
0 Sarahan and Bashal Dhar
6.5.2 Ever since the opening-up of tribal/border areas of Himachal Pradesh
to foreigners, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting these
tribal areas has increased manifold. Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur districts have
emerged as important destinations. Yet compared to the potential it is just a
trickle. These areas being enormously rich in culture the effort would be to
invite culturally conscious tourists who enjoy the quality and difference of
experience. Preservation of the cultural uniqueness of these areas therefore
will remain the prime concern of the Government. The Govemment will
only allow such construction, which preserve the architecture and ecology of

the area The private sector will continue to be encouraged to set up guest
houses for which subsidy will be provided form the State budget. Tented
accommodation will be encouraged with local participation so that
maximum benefits accrue to the local economy The centuries old
monasteries are also being upgraded where foreign tourists show lot of
6.5.3 Tourism Councils will be set up under the Tourism Act 2000 in these
areas so that some fee is charged from the trekkers /tourists the proceeds of
which will go to the local Panchayats for the maintenance and upkeep of the
tourism related infrastructure and for regulating tourism on sustainable basis.
6.5.4 The Deptt. will take up the opening up of Tribal / Border areas further
so that the present restrictions on travel in the inner line areas is removed.
6.5.5 The Manali Leh route which has already become a favourite for both
domestic as well as international tourists will be further improved in
coordination with the Govt of J & K and efforts would be made to link it to
the Buddhist Circuits of Shimla — Kinnaur- Spiti — Udaipur -Pangi and
Palampur -Dharamshala-Dalhousie.
6.6 Health Tourism
6.6.1 There is tremendous scope to set up spas, health resorts, recuperative
centres etc. all over the State. Himachal Pradesh has an enormous wealth of
medicinal plants. Herbal Gardens, Herbal Trails will be developed as tourist

attractions The Tourism Department /Board in collaboration with
Department of Indian System of Medicine, Department of Ayurveda and
Forests will organize such tours which will further develop awareness and
interest about medicinal plants amongst the school children and tourists.
6.6.2 The Government also proposes to develop spa /health resorts in
association with the private sector at various locations in the State. The
Government will also harness the potential of Panchkarma and start it in a
big way in the State in order to attract large number of tourist for
Panchkarma treatment. Training the youth in Panchkarma will be
undertaken through the Deptt .of Ayurveda who will then be employed in
spas and health resorts.
6.7 Arts Crafts and Souviner
6.7.1 Promotion of local art and culture and generation of income of
employment through it is a major component of tourism policy. The State
Govemment shall endeavour to encourage the development of souvenir
industry linked to local crafts, events and places which would promote a
distinctive image of the State both within and without the State. The private
sector will also be encouraged to patronize and promote local folk, culture
and crafts for the visiting tourists.
6.7.2 Development of souvenir industry including standardised packaging is
of utmost importance for which leading institutions and voluntary
organisations in the country like NID, NIFT , Auroville , Tilonia etc will be
actively engaged .

Annexure 1Acti0n Plan).
1. Short and Medium term(2 yrs to 5 yrs)
Action Plan
l. To establish
Himachal as a
leading tourist
destination in the
country & abroad.
a) Brand image of
H.P. & Media
Hire leading consultants of the country
within next 6 months to have a brand
image & media strategy in place.
Create “Destination Himachal Fund
fund collaboration with all
stakeholders for strengthening of
brand image & media campaign.
Strengthen all TIC in the country and
generate resources by booking for
private hotels also through Tourism
Have online reservation system
through public private partnership.
Participate in leading national &
international trade fairs.
Update tourism related literature and
ensure its adequate availability.
Have active and constant contact with
Govt.of India offices abroad for
projecting Himachal.
MOUs with leading States and
Countries for promotion of tourism.
To promote H.P.through Himalayas
and its brand image globally.
b) T0l1PgTY1d@ i) To give top priority to public
tourism related Private artnerships.
Infrastructure to ii) p
Collaboratewith international
and reputed national
companies which can provide
world class technology,
knowhow and expertise in
improving infrastructure
infrastructure in tourism.
To seek maximum assistance from
Ministry of Tourism,Govt.of India for

funding under various schemes like
Circuits,Destination,Large income
generating projects,rural Tourism etc.
To set up a Tourism sub Plan in the
State so that funding could be
integrated & monitored effectively at
the State
rt,telephone etc.
To actively pursue the expansion of
airports to that large plan could land.
To promote the use of Heli-copters for
easy assess to remote & land locked
To set up 4/5 Star Hotels in leading
T ohave more 2/3 Star Hotels for
budget accommodation.
To create more Youth Hostels.
To make Tourism a) Attract
a prime engine of outsider
economic growth investment.
in the State & as a
means for
Take full advantage of the Govt. of
India package of incentives which
include excise & income tax
To give top priority to public private
Collaborate with international and
reputed nationals companies which
can provide World class
technology,know how and expertise in
improving infrastructure in tourism.
To seek maximum assistance from
Ministry of Tourism,Govt.of India for
funding under various schemes;
Circuits,Destinations,Large Income
Generating projects,rural tourism etc.
To actively pursue the expansion of
airport so that larges plans could land.
To promote the use of Helicopters for
easy access to remote & land locked
To set up 4/5 Star Hotels in leading
To have more 2/3 Star Hotels for
budget accommodation.

To categories Hotels in the State to
provide standardized services.
To lay special emphasis to arrtact
private fund including FDI for setting
up of new hill stations,water sport
related resorts, ropeways including Ski
Resrots, Spas,Eco-Tourism related
projects etc.
Recast existing schemes and lay top
priority to rural tourism scheme.
To hold Tourism Conclave at regular
intervals with the prospective
investors for hand holding exercise.
To setup and Investors Cell in the
Board which will facilitate,investment
including funding from Banks &
providing necessary statutory
All Tourism projects will also be
placed before the Single window
clearance meeting chaired by Hon;ble
C.M. on the lines of Industries
b) To employ i)
maximum local
people in the
Industry. ii)
Strengthen HMI Kufri and to set up
there new Food Craft Institutes in the
To encourage setting up of leading
private training institutes in the State.
Maximum employment will be
provided to locals in the Units setup in
the State.
To conduct special capacity building
courses and seek support from GOI
under its “Atithi Dev Bhava’ scheme.
c) To monitor the i) The tourism Board will build a strong
economic impact Data base on the impact of tourism both
of tourism in the positive & negative.
State. ii) Conduct periodic surveys and status
through leading institutions & Universities etc.
m) Tourism Board will also monitor the status of

employment of local persons both in formal
as well as informal sector.
d) Tourism
Sector will
resources on self
sustaining basis
form tourism
related activities.
i)The tourism Board will be the vehicle for the
generation of resources through the services
provided by it like parking places, Sulabh
Shauchalayas,Parks & Entertainment
centers,T.R.C’s,fee from registered units, travel
agents, Tourism councils, Public Private
Partnership,leases, helicopter sides etc.
3 To attract quality
a) Brand image of
Hire leading consultants of the country
in time bound manner for a complete
media strategy.
Create “Destination Himachal Fund:
in collaboration with all stakeholders
for strengthening brand image &
launching media campaign.
Strengthen all TIC in the country and
generate resources by booking for
private hotels also through Tourism
Have online reservation system
through public private partnership.
Participate in leading national &
international trade fairs.
Update tourism related liteature and
ensure its adequate availability.
Have active and constant contract with
Govt. of India offices abroad for
projecting Himachal.
MOUs with leading States and
countries for promotion of tourism
To promote H.P. through Himalayas
and its brand image globally.
4. To safeguard
States natural &
a) Natural
To work closely with the Forest deptt.
To conserve and protect forests, cold
desers sanctuaries by charging fee
from the tourists so that these places
are preserved through Tourism
To work towards conservation through
Tourism council and Fund generated
by on the Manali model.

To change some fee from the
registered travel agents & trekking
companies so that these funds are used
for conservation and development.
Promote bird Watching & angling
competition (on catch & release basis).
b) Man made
To promote conservation of heritage
buildings in the State like Gaiety
To work at tandem with Deptt. Of
UD,TCP & LAC in the listing of these
properties & conserving them.
To put up plaques on all such
sites/building giving its history.
Protect heritage Churches & graves in
Shima,Dharamshala, Kasauli &
Dalhousie etc.
Protect ancient monuments including
on Monoesters in the tribal areas.
To encourage
strong public
participation in
creating of
especially the
b) Disinvestment
of H.P.TDC
The list already identified will be
disinvested in time bound manner.
The income from these properties will
accrue partially to H.P.TDC which
shall find the VRS/Golden handshake
The remaining fund will accrue to
tourism Development Board while
will go towards strengthening the
tourism infrastructure in the State.
While disinvesting the genuine interest
of the workers will be protected.
The employees will be given a choice
to take up identified properties on
management lease basis for running
them in lieu of retirement
To promote
tourism which is
a) Setting up new
All new hotels will have architecture
which blends with the local
No building will be more than 4
Will architecture & water harvesting
structure will be mandatory.

The basement/ground floor shall be for
Proper garbage disposal & sewerage
plants are mandatory.
Maximum employment to local
No/minimum felling of trees.
b) Regularly
existing Units.
All hotels will be checked and must
Comply with the pollution control
Violating Units registration shall be
c) Rural tourism
for uncones to
rural people.
To divert tourists from over-saturated places,
the concept of Rural Tourism has been adopted.
To encourage
Civil Societies &
N.G.O;s for
promotion &
conduct of
tourism related
a) For capacity
The Tourism Development Board will
find NGO’s working in the field of
rural tourism, eco-tourism &
community basis projects.
For cleanliness frives & campaign
against polythiene bags.
b) Active
Will be represented on the boards &
committees of Tourism Deptt./Board.
Will be engaged in classification of
hotels, certification of dhabas.
Important events will be organized
through the registered associations like
paragliding, river rafting, mountain
biking etc.
Himachal as a one a) Tourism
stop destination Dev.Board/Deptt.
for adventure
All media campaign will focus on
adventure tourism.
Will encourage the activities which
have possibility of generating
employment like paragliding & river
rafting by organizing/funding training
Set up safety standards & enforce
through Distt.Admn.
Assist Deptt. Of YSS/WHMI.
Hold annual events as
paragliding,river rafting mountain

biking,motor sports, bird Watching
angling rock climbing,marathon races
b) WT-IMI,Manali
i) Will organize mass treks during
Holidays for students in collaboration
With Tourism Department.
ii) Will train students/un-employed
m)Run river rafting & paragliding school
set up by Tourism Deptt..
iv) Run special courses for tourists.

Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation
Block No.28, SDA Complex, Kasumpti
Shimla-9, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 0177-2625864, 2623959, 2625924, 2625511,
Fax: 0177-2625864, 2625511
E-mail: tourismmin-hp@nic.in ; tourism@hggov.in
Website: http://himachaltourism.gov.in
‘ Distt. Tourism Development Office, Shimla
Phone: 0177-2633181.
0 Distt. Tourism Development Office, Solan
Ph: 01792-225641
0 Distt. Tourism Development Office, Mandi
Phone: 01905-225036
‘ Distt. Tourism Development Office,Kullu at Manali
Phone: 01902-250221
I Distt.Tourism Development Office,
Kangra at Dharamshala
Phone: 01892-224430.
0 Asst.Tourism Development Office, Chamba
Phone: 01899-224002.

Tourist Information Centres
Q Shimla: 0177 -2654589,2832498, 2652561
v Manali: 01902-252175,252325
v Dalhousiez 01899-242225
‘ Dharamshala: 01892-224430
v Kalka 201733-221079
0 Chandigarh: 0172-2708569
‘ New Delhi: 011-23324764,23325320
Q Kolkata: 033-22126361
‘ Chennai: 044-25385689
‘ Mumbai: 022-22181123
v Ahmedabad: 079-2754480
v Pathankot: 0186-2220316

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