Dharmkot Waterfall Hike in Mcleodganj

Hike to Dharmkot Waterfall, Mcleodganj

This place is relatively unknown but is a great destination for a short hike, especially if you love water, wilderness and nature. We start by driving or walking to Gallu ka mandir in Dharmkot and follow a trail to the waterfall. We take a lovely walk for about 5 kms inside the forested area but the altitude remains more or less the same. A small stream flows from the mountain ranges and descends to become a lovely waterfall. Here, you can have some snacks and refresh yourself with tea from a small shop which is there for a few months. We then go to Mcleodganj taking the same route and spend the day walking in the streets and taking dinner in one of the many restaurants.

Travel Package Services:

TRANSPORT: On foot, partial on car..
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking,  Mountain climbing,  Bird watching, Hiking,
MEALS: Lunch, Snacks
COST: From USD 100. More information

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