Bilaspur City

Bilaspur City

Height : 673 m As a former princely state, Bilaspur was practically a millennium old and the town may well have been the first planned hill town in the country. This one-time capital was submerged when the Bhakra Dam was built over the river Satluj and today’s Bilaspur is fairly new and equally picturesque. In winter, when the water level of the immense Gobind Sagar lake (which is a result of the dam) comes down, the spires of the old temples can still be seen. The presence of the lake has added a variety of activities to the area and these include boating and fishing.


  • By Road: Chandigarh via Kiratpur is 130 Km and Shimla is 86 Km from Biiaspur.
  • By Rail : The nearest broad gauge railhead at Chandigarh 130 Km. and Kiratpur Sahib is 65 Km away and the nearest narrow gauge train station at Shimla is 86 Km. The nearest broad gauge railhead at Chandigarh 130 Km & Kiratpur Sahib is 65 Km away and the nearest narrow gauge train station at Shimla is 86 Km.
  • By Air : The nearest Airports at Kullu is 136 Km, Shimla (Jubbar Hatti) is 95 Km and Chandigarh is 130 Km.


Winter in Bilaspur is moderate but warm clothing is required. The summer months are hot and light cottons are  recommended.


  • The Gobind Sagar lake offers fishing especially for the agile mahaseer (carp).
  • The Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sport’s branch at Bilaspur provides training in many water sports disciplines like water skiing, rowing, sailing and kayaking. Joy rides on paddle or speed motor boats can also be hired.
  • The Bandla Ridge Top overlooking the town of Bilaspur is used by paraglider pilots as a take off point.
  • The Vyas Goofa cave at Bilaspur, belief holds, was used by legendary author Rishi Ved Vyas to meditate and compose the Mahabaratha epic.
  • At Kot Kahlur, (40 Km) an old fort on a ridge marks the place that served as the ancient capital of Bilaspur State. On one side of the fort overlooks Anandpur Sahib and the otherthe vast expanse of the Gobindsagar Lake.
  • The Kandror Bridge (22 Km) is 285 meter long and is suspended over a ravine that is 60 meters high. The bridge is a considered an engineering feat.
  • At Markanda (20 Km), an annual fair on Baisakhi day is held to commemorate a legendary Rishi Markandaya. Waters from a natural spring here are reputed to have curative effects on some skin diseases.
  • The Bachhretu Fort (64 Km), the Baseh Fort (70 Km) and the Rattanpur Fort (21 Km) in the vicinity of Bilaspur, document the regions rich history.


THE LAKE VIEW – Deluxe Hotel
The hotel is located on National High Way-21 over looking the magnificent lake of Govind Sagar. The restaurant at the hotel is popular as a journey break.
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