Tour itinerary of Kaza, Chandrataal and Spiti with camping

[AdSense-C] Day Transport Night stay 1 Manali Pickup – Kaza Kaza 2 Kaza – Langcha- Hikkim – Ki Kaza 3 Kaza – Tabo – Dhankar Kaza 4 Kaza – Pin Pin 5 Pin – Chandrataal Chandra taal camp 6 Chandrataal – Manali drop 2 people With breakfast, dinner INR 52000 Without meals INR 44000 4 […]

A full tour of Lahaul Spiti via Shimla and Manali in 13 days

[AdSense-B] Shimla, Kinnaur, Spiti, Manali in 13 Days , 12 Nights About 2 weeks long adventure travel covering Spiti, Manali, Kinnaur among some of the best sightseeing and adventure destinations in Himachal Pradesh. A nice vacation package which will help you relax as well as explore some awe inspiring sights of majestic Himalayan mountains. Day […]

A Holiday Trip to Lahaul Spiti

Shimla Spiti Manali Holiday 11 Days Shimla Spiti Manali Holiday Tour Package [AdSense-B] A vacation through Shimla, Spiti and Manali is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul tired by noise and pollution of the cities. This tour package eases you in to lap of nature through picturesque town of […]

Trek to Samudri Tapu Glacier of Chandra River in Spiti

[AdSense-B] Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Glacier Trek Here is a short but tough trek you can undertake. The Samudri Taapu trek starting from Chandra Taal at an altitude of about 4300 m, this is considered a rough terrain trek. Among the many origins of Chandra river, Samudri Taapu is one of them. The Chandra […]

Visiting Lahaul Spiti for Honeymoon

[AdSense-B] Lahaul Spiti Honeymoon Tour Package This is a special tour package of Lahaul Spiti valley for couples looking for a romantic yet adventurous vacation of a lifetime with each other. It’s an ideal mix of sightseeing, adventure, spirituality and awesome places where people in love can spend some beautiful moments together. This tour package […]

Campsite near Chandra taal lake in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

[AdSense-C] Camping near Chandartaal Lake, Spiti A stupendously breathtaking lake nestled between the mountains of Himalayas is the Chandertaal Lake or Moon Lake. Spread over 4 km and at an altitude of 4300 meters, the lake is breathtakingly beautiful, with extremely clear waters. A perfect location to enjoy the serenity of nature and an ideal […]

Custom Travel Options in Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

[AdSense-C] Lahaul Spiti Custom Travel Packages Custom Travel Packages of Lahaul Spiti A vacation not restricted by a schedule is best and most enjoyable ways of travelling in almost any place, which is specially true for Lahaul Spiti valley. We can assist you in designing your own holiday package in any way you want. You […]

A trip to Lahaul Spiti, Chandrataal from Manali [AdSense-C] This holiday package starting from Shimla, covers most of Lahaul Spiti valley before ending in Manali. It’s a good tour plan for a small group of friends, families and young couples who want a holiday with fun, adventure and breathtaking sights. It has quite a bit of thrill and adventure without being too […]

Trip To Samudri Tapu Glacier from Chandra Taal Lake

Samudri Taapu Trek from Chandrataal Lake [AdSense-C] Chandra river which flows through Lahaul Spiti region originates from Samudri Taapu near Chandrataal Lake. Even in a place like Spiti, it is among the harder places to reach. It is mostly frequented by local Gaddi shepherds who go there with their livestock in summer season. There are […]