Height 2170 m
Rajgarh is popularly known as the Peach Valley of Himachal and some of India’s finest stone fruit (peaches, plums and apricots) come from this area. With considerable natural beauty, this is also the base for several trek routes – including one that leads to the peak of Chur Dhar (ChurChandni).


  • By Rail : Kalka Railway Station is at a distance of 90 kms and Chandigarh is 130 kms away. If you are traveling on the Kalka Shimla narrow gauge railway, disembark at Solan and then by Bus/taxi by Rajgarh 46 kms.
  • By Road : Chandigarh is 130 kms, Delhi is at a distance of 374 kms and Shimla lies 96 kms away.
  • By Air—Chandigarh is 133 kms away and the one at Shimla (Jubbar Hatti) is at a distance of 118 kms.


In winter, the temperature can drop to near freezing point when heavy clothing is required. In summers light Woollens /cotton are recommended.


  • Thor math is 17 km on Baru Sahib road at village Thor-Niwar which has a beautiful temple of 8th century where the youth are being given training of karm-kaand in
    Hindu rituals.
  • Haripur Dhar is 56 kms and is famous for ancient temple of Mata Bhangyani Devi, a god sister of Lord Shirgul, the I principal deity of the area, whose seat is at Churdhar. On way to Haripurdhar, Nohradhar is 28 kms and is a base for trekking to Churdhar. There are many trek routes in the valley to Churdhar, like Sailpaw-Dhokhta~Churdhar (7km), Haripurdhar-Churdhar (17), Nohradhar-Churdhar
    (14km), Sarahan-Churdhar (7 km), Habban-Churdhar (15 km).
  • Baru Sahib the land of meditation(Gurudwara) is located in a distance and remote corner ofthe State and is 26 kms from Nalagarh. This place is situated in beautiful lush Himalayan mountains on the verdant slops of the Shiwaliks.
  • Habban Valley is an enchanting destination and thick pine, fir, kail, ban and deodar forests besides orchards of apples and peaches. 30 kms from Rajgarh.
  • Dolanji Bon Monastery is 28 kms from Nalagarh and known ‘Yungdrung Bon Monastery” being run by Yungdrung Bon Monastic Centre. This was founded in
    1969 by the Naoot Lungtog Tenpai Nyima is located at the distance of about 5 kms from Ochhghat-Narag Road and is 18 kms from Solan Town.


The Tourist Inn is ideal for leisure, offbeat sightseeing and as
a trekking base camp.
ADDRESS : The Trekker’s Destination, Rajgarh – 173 101
(HP) Tel. : (O1 799)220055

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