Lahaul Spiti Custom Travel Packages

Custom Travel Packages of Lahaul Spiti

  • TRANSPORT : In a private or shared car or SUV with driver.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays & campsites.
  • PHYSICAL LEVEL: Variable/Anyone. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
  • MEALS: By choice
  • ACTIVITIES: Variable (Trekking, Camping,  Bird watching,  Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Motorcycle rides, Cultural activities,,Yoga, Meditation, Volunteer activities)
  • DURATION: Variable

A  vacation not restricted by a schedule is best and most enjoyable ways of travelling in almost any place, which is specially true for Lahaul Spiti valley. We can assist you in designing your own holiday package in any way you want. You can hire us to help with choosing the attractions you want to see, adventure and cultural activities available, places you want to visit,  type of accommodation you’d like to sleep in, type of transport, food and duration of the journey.

This type of travel package is very popular because the travellers can pick and choose almost every single detail of their holiday from a wide variety of choices.  Cost of such a Lahaul Spiti travel package depends upon  the services availed. To lower costs, we can help you in numerous ways by services like shared taxis instead of private  ones for transport, cheaper hotels, guest houses , shared group tours with other tourists and much more.

Another plus point  of this type of travel is that the tourists are not restricted by limits common with normal pre-packaged tour itineraries. Travellers can choose to stay in a place for as long as they want without upsetting any kind of schedule.


Cost of such a tour package in Lahaul Spiti and nearby areas start from USD 50 per day. Contact us with your requirements for a detailed price quote.

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