Camping near Chandartaal Lake, Spiti

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Camping near Chandartaal Lake, Spiti

A stupendously breathtaking lake nestled between the mountains of Himalayas is the Chandertaal Lake or Moon Lake. Spread over 4 km and at an altitude of 4300 meters, the lake is breathtakingly beautiful, with extremely clear waters. A perfect location to enjoy the serenity of nature and an ideal place to trek and camp.

With the numerous options we provide for trekking, ranging form tents to rent, parking, bottled water, delicious meals and assistance with the use of campsite, transport and trekking, your trip will surely be memorable. We have all the legal requirements and necessary certifications to operate a campsite in that location.

Prices start at INR 1950 (US $ 32) and differ according to choice of tents, meals and services availed. Contact us to learn more.

Tour Package Services:

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car or SUV with driver, trek on foot.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,  Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Bird watching, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities (Optional)
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: By choice
COST: INR 1950 (US $ 32) onwards